Back to our epic battle on the freeway, who do you won? ;)

Chillin in our trailer! It’s kinda crazy to get to say those words lol.

Back when I used to fall face first into concrete for work everyday. #jktheresapad #imissbeingacowboy #weeeeee

100% ready to train in my new @lululemon gear! Spent way too much money on these things but so worth!

Happy birthday to this munchkin @joontheboon show him some love ;)

Starting to realize how beneficial rest and cheat days are for your body. This is one of the best I’ve felt in a while :)

Freeways are for cars and skateboards are for your feet. As you can tell, I’m easily confused.

This is how our conversations go. Also, apparently I drink soda like high class people drink tea…

Flags at the beach ;)

Another old shot from my shoots with mr @tonyzg