Skippitty hoppity loo #Disneyland

Fun fact: I do NOT like/eat sashimi. Can’t stand the feel of uncooked fish. But this poke from Island Flavor, I can do :) thanks to @bhss for forcing me to try it lol

Portraits from my photoshoot with @nixja

We found Duffy! :)

Found a couple more ads! Make sure you guys tag me if you find these so I can see :) or even better, take pics next to it lol

"The Western Ninja"

📷: @thecinesol

#tbt baby pictures of looooove, haha naw for real though, I was a chubby baby lol

Had so much fun filming at #frozenbar the fronut was delicious!

Had fun on set with these beautiful, talented people last weekend. @chrisdinh @heybvp

Yuuuuup, I’m sunburned…