This is what it looks like in the backseat when we try to fit too many people into @james_jdavies car. #sportcarsaresoimpractical #buttheylooksocool #andfast #andgovroomvroom #toobadwelooksillyinit

An old shot by @tonyzg I think this was my first time shooting with him.

Welp, looks like I’m a nerd today.

Yoroi no yusha!!!

First day of filming #dinocharge so I wanted to commemorate it by taking a pic on set. I took a picture of the only thing I could post, without further ado, here’s my eye :)

I’m not a huge fan of dressing up because I feel silly in nice clothes, but this was such a fun shoot. My favorite shoots are always the ones with my brother @petersadrian

📷: @natalieyfaye

Don’t worry guys, we’re just bulking lol #rangerfit

An old photo of me and @petersadrian taken by @natalieyfaye

Me and the bae @james_jdavies

A quick little flip during stunt training, trying to be like #dansouthworth